Partnering With Courtyard


Notice we use the word partner instead of donation. We want you to know you really are becoming a part of this ministry when you freely give to it. You make it possible for churches and groups that may not be able to afford a worship leader or have the ability to put on a worship gatherings, special revival/prayer event. Your partnering allows further episodes of Awkward Podcast to continue.

Your partnering efforts create a wide open availability for folks to be served without cost limitations and and logistic issues. We consider the heart of Courtyard Ministries, even as it continues to grow, to be missionary based. Going and sharing worship, relationship, experiences, and ultimately the gospel with those who may not be able to or have not received it the way it is done in Courtyard fashion. Our prayer is and will always be, that people are impacted by Jesus’ impact on us.

Because we believe in the open and transparent view of all things, we want you to know that Courtyard Ministries is an approved 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization, which means we are fully funded by partnerships from people like you. This also means 100 percent of your partnership is tax deductible. Our hope is that regardless of the tax breaks, your desire to advance the kingdom of Heaven here on Earth is the priority.

May God bless you and all the ministries He has set in front of you.

-Courtyard Ministries

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