Our Story

From Inception–September 2011

Courtyard Ministries began germinating in September 2011 through a time of worship in the courtyard at Watchtower Ranch. Through the years an understanding of God’s guidance and directive became more evident as to what Courtyard Ministries should be. So many worship moments, unintended divine appointments leading to relationships, and countless experiences kept pushing ministry to the forefront of our mind.

Activation 2011-March 2022

In March 2022 the push finally came to step out and formally form Courtyard Ministries. Our hope and fuel for this ministry is worship, in every form that stirs a believer’s heart. Our heart leans fully into worship, relationship, and experience with and to God through Jesus with guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Why Courtyard?

The courtyard in scripture was a place of holiness set apart in the tabernacle. It was a place of worship for David to become even more undignified. It was a place of doubt for Peter after Jesus was arrested. In other words, our desire for Courtyard is to be a place where vulnerability, authenticity, holiness, and being undone mix together to deepen ourselves unto our Heavenly Father.

Partner With Us

Courtyard Spiritual Leadership


Jonathan Williams

Courtyard Ministries is lead by Jonathan Williams.

“As a Davidic Worship Ministry we seek to introduce, engage, and provide opportunities for followers of Jesus to press deeper into their relationship with each other and our Heavenly Father."


Justin and Leslie

Justin and Leslie are honored and excited to serve on the board of Courtyard Ministries. We have been married since 2009. Justin is the owner and operator of Restore Construction Services. Leslie serves as an educator in our local school system. We live in Southeast Texas with our three daughters Emerson, Caroline, and Harper.

“We have seen and experienced firsthand the freedom and restoration that comes through true worship, and it is our hearts’ desire to support the opportunity for others to experience this same love of the Father."



Justin and his wife Yvette met at ACU and have been married for 19 years. We have three children: David, Asher, and Layla. Justin spends his days as a real estate investor, Realtor, and most recently a commercial real estate valuation associate.

“Worship has always been the main way that I connect with the Father. It is where I most experience and feel His presence and find peace and perspective when I need it... and I always need it!"



Michael lives in Keller Texas with his wife and three daughters. He enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and other outdoor activities.

“We were created to worship our creator. Worship is a time that allows us to express every raw emotion of hope, despair, and thankfulness to the one who created us."



Laine Williams is a student at Tarleton State. She’s majoring in animal science. Laine wants to share her passion for animal science and production as a university professor. Laine loves drawing, painting, and spending time with family and friends.

“Worship has always been a special intimate time for me. Worship means getting to share my heart with God and allowing Him to fully impact me."